Blackened Chicken Alfredo

This is a classic chicken dish that won me the Taste Of Home city-wide cooking contest several years ago.  It pulls from 2 other recipes here on the web site.  First you need to mix up some Cajun Dust.  The chicken is then served atop a bed of pasta slathered in Alfredo Sauce.

4 chicken breasts, boneless/skinless works fine

Cajun Dust

1 pound fettucine, more or less depending on crowd size.

Alfredo Sauce

Start this recipe by making a batch of the Alfredo Sauce.  Plan on at least 30 minutes to do this.  It keeps well on low heat.

Meanwhile, flatten chicken breasts so they are the same thickness throughout.  You can use the traditional meat pounder or an empty wine bottle (great excuse for emptying a bottle of wine!).  This ensures that the entire breast is cooked at the same time.

Once flattened, coat each side with the Cajun Dust.  Apply liberally!

In large skillet, melt some butter and add some olive oil.  Heat to smoking.  Add the chicken breasts and sear on each side.  The meat should be black, hence the name.  Be sure to cook thru, temp should read 160º in thickest part of the breast.

While chicken is cooking, bring large pot of water to boil and start preparing your pasta.

Once pasta is finished, drain, put back in pot and add generous amount of Alfredo Sauce.

Pile past and sauce onto plate and top with a chicken breast.

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