Coney Sauce Recipes

If there was one food I had to choose to live with while stranded on an island, Coney Dogs would have to be it!  I have accumulated a huge number of recipes and these are my favorites.

Here is a trick I learned when Dad owned his A&W Root Beer stands.  The consistency of the meat in coney sauces is very important.  You don’t want large chunks of meat in the sauce as they will not sit properly on a hot dog bun.  To get the correct consistency, soak your burger in cold water for about 20-30 minutes.  Then break up with a fork and drain the water off.

A & W Coney Sauce

Aiken Pool Hall Coney Sauce

Dog N Suds Coney Sauce

Woosty Coney Sauce

Spicy Coney Sauce

Fort Wayne Coney Island Sauce

Original Greek Coney Sauce

Red Lion Coney Sauce

The Varsity Coney Sauce

Tony Paco’s Coney Sauce

Yocco’s Coney Sauce

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