Rubs/Seasoning Recipes

Rubs are the BBQ equivalent of seasoning mixtures………a conglomeration of spices.  Much less expensive to make yourself, you can control the amount of salt, plus you get the added bonus of freshness!  I grind all my spices from whole to assure the freshest flavor.  But then again, I can be pretty anal!  Check this out for how to achieve the Freshest Spices.

The rubs listed below are very versatile.  You can use a rib rub on any cut of pork.  Heck you can use a rib rub on any cut of meat if you want!  Just keep in mind, pork rubs are usually sweeter than beef and chicekn rubs.

I use these various rubs in every single dish I make…..after all, your meat doesn’t come pre-seasoned does it?

Apple City Rib Rub

Best Ribs in the Universe (BRITU)

Brazilian Rub for Fish

Cajun Dust

Chef Paul’s Chicken Rub

Famous Dave’s Rib Rub

Jerk Paste

KC Kryptonite

Kevi’s Buckin’ Beef Rub

Kevi’s Homemade Chili Powder

Kevi’s South of the Butt Rub

Kevi’s Sweet Hot Pork Rub

Kevi’s Yum Yum Beef Seasoning

Kickin’ Chicken Rub

Memphis Style Dry Rib Rub

Mexican Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Poultry Magic

Rendevous Rib Rub

Southern Succor

Sparerib Rub

Texas Steak Rub

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