How’d They Do That????

After  years of experience…usually the long, hard, expensive way…..I have picked up a few tidbits along the way.  From Mom and Nona in the kitchen to Couzan Billy down in New Orleans and some of the greatest BBQ cooks on the planet.  Below I will share all I have learned on this culinary journey.  Included are tips and pics along with the equipment I use.

Basic Grilling Tips

Using Indirect Heat with Your Grill

Fresh Spices

How to Cook……………Ribs

How to Cook……………BBQ Chicken

How to Cook……………Pulled Pork

How to Cook…………… A Great Steak

How to Cook……………Brats the Cheesehead Way!

How to Make……………Roux

How to Make……………Canadian Bacon

How to Make……………Sausage the EASY Way

BBQ Equipment

Catering a High School Graduation Party

247 thoughts on “How’d They Do That????”

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