Who doesn’t like a nice juicy piece of meat in the shape of a big ole stogie?  That’s right!  Nobody in their right mind!  The family loves brats and since we have roots in Wisconsin, and have been known to hang around Lambeau Field here is our favorite way of cooking them.

Conventionally, many folks will simmer their raw brats in some beer, onion and butter and then grill them when ready to eat.  I like doing it just the opposite….grill ’em up first and then simmer.  This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping your grill going for the day.  They will hold for many hours like this so it makes it convenient to serve to large crowds both before AND after the big game.

Choose whatever kind of brat you enjoy, but stay away from the cheesy brats….they just don’t work!  Get your grill good and hot and start burnin’ ’em!

Once they are nice and black, put them in a large pot that has a few bottles of your favorite beer, a large onion coarsely chopped and about a half stick of butter.

Now, simmer slowly for at least an hour……but they can be held like this much longer than that!

A little sauerkraut and mustard to finish it off!  MAN, that’s living the High Life!!!

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